To the right you can see a replication of the CSFM. 
But, the CFSM is not just for looking; go ahead and 
participate, experience, and conduct experiments 
at the CFSM.  There is lots to do, you can hold your 
own percussion show, feel the power of Fantasy 
Theater, take part in a science show in the science
room, and much more!!!  Come and see the wonders 
of science and learn how to use and enjoy this magic!

For further analysis please feel free to 
click on any portion of the map to the right.

Welcome to the Entrance Hall where the wonders of the sun are on exhibit. Looking to the ceiling one can only think, "What is that?" Come and see for yourself...

Memorial Hall is a dedication to the founder of the backbone of Nikaho's industrial giant, TDK, Mr. Saito Kenzo (1898 - 1970). Saito Kenzo was the first person to find a use for ferrite! On display here is: a timeline displaying the history or Saito Kenzo's career and life, highlights of major achievements, history of Nikaho, and other such information.

In an attempt to foster an interest in science for the young, there is the Children's Playing Room. A room filled with toys and picture books all related to science. While children play with each other, and these toys, they will have fun and become more interested in the wonders of science.

Fantasy Theater one of Nikaho's ways of introducing you to a myriad of new experiences. These include a trip through the Earth, Space, power of magnets, Mount Chokai, and other natural phenomenon all on the micro and macro levels. Your guide on this journey is Captain Ferrite. Who is Captain Ferrite? What will this adventure reveal? Come and ride it to see for yourself!

movie sample : 950Kb

Light, space, water, sound, and colors all undergo natural phenomenon. Some of these phenomenons are everyday occurrences that affect us in our daily lives, while others are extremely rare. Come and see clearly just what it is that surprises us.

The core of Ferrite's magnetism will be displayed for you to better understand this wondrous item. It's powers of attraction and repulsion in their simplicity are displayed alongside the complexity of its uses in electronics, where one piece may perform more than 5 tasks! Aahh yes, we shall introduce you to the wonderful world of magnets!

Enter into Nikaho's own "walk-in" kaleidoscope. Inside the kaleidoscope light seems to change and your world expands. The stars shine brightly as you pass through this magical tunnel. As you peer through the side lenses you will be mystified by the changes in reality that you witness.

Here a variety of unusual experiments are conducted before your very eyes.

The CFSM offers a special room to suite most any needs for work meetings, lectures, speeches, etc. This room can be furnished with any materials needed to conduct any type of meeting, including even school classes.

The CFSM also has its own science classroom where a variety of experiments are conducted, and can be conducted by science teachers! From time to time within the CFSM there are actual science classes!