The Children's Ferrite and Science Museum opened on October 24th 1998 in the town of Nikaho, Akita Prefecture, located in Northern Japan. 
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    Brief introduction of Ferrite and the late Kenzo Saito.

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out-look-sam.gif What's your opinion? What do you suppose the CFSM building
resembles? Actually, the features of the CFSM building were
created to symbolize the foundation of the museum, that being
ferrite! So, it is a replica of the crystals found in ferrite.
4-1 Takarada, Hirasawa, Nikaho, Akita Prefecture, Japan
Floor Area:
2,000 square meters

In Nikaho, located at the base of Mount Chokai and on the shore of the Sea of Japan, you can 
be relaxed by the breeze from the sea, awed by the lush greens of Mount Chokai, and inspired 
by the flourishing vegetation and wildlife found in our backyard.  The history of Nikaho has 
been passed down from generation to generation since the ancient Jyomon Era (12,000 years 
ago - 300 BC)!  Today the people of Nikaho enjoy a great mixture of history, nature, and of 
a high technological life style with a world leader in the electronics industry.  A  symbol 
of our history is said to be found in our native tongue, and Mount Chokai watches over us like 
a compassionate father, a symbol of Nikaho as a "High-Tech Town" can be said to be the 
Children's Ferrite and Science Museum.  Take science and ferrite as your keys to the world of 
science; open the door to new experiences and let's walk in together. 

 Science Park

The CFSM features not only a "High-Tech" inside, but also a more reserved and playful 
surrounding.  Located to the rear of the CFSM building is the Science Park, which holds a 
plethora of trees, flowers, and shrubbery.  To complement this relaxed environment, there 
is the "fuwa fuwa dorm" and the "shabondama no oshiro".  What park would be complete 
without a giant trampoline and jungle gym?  The fuwa fuwa dorm is a giant trampoline in the 
shape of a conche, while the shabondama no oshiro is a "molecular jungle gym".  When one 
sees it the giant crystal diamonds of the jungle gym immediately stand out.  The park is lit 
up after the museum closes and remains illuminated until 8:00 p.m.

Fuwa fuwa dorm:

Shabondama no oshiro:

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